Safety Governance Reporting, Data and Metrics

Measuring performance of your non-financial risk is key for oversight professionals.

We offer Safety Governance Assurance, Reporting, Data and Metrics advisory for your organisation.

We assess the your size organisation, your level of Safety Governance Maturity and then provide advice how to gather the key metrics and data from your existing system and within your company existing datasets to provide key, up to date and appropriate measures of your organisations Safety Performance.

Our Risk Dollarisation® patent – offering the financial approach to non-financial risk means we can assess both your proactive and reactive damage costs.

Legal Compliance Auditing

Organisations rely on the internal audit as the last line of defence.

This audit guided by The Audit Committees A Guide to Good Practice, is focused on financial risks, conducted by financial accountants and external auditors (self-insurance / accreditation) for safety, who often do not meet the independent test as the work is completed obtaining a certification and the parties do not have an interest to report appropriately; if they report accurately, they may lose their accreditation (ability to tender) and the audit company may lose the business.

More so the audits assess against standards not legislative requirements; hence also fail to assess legal compliance.

This is a risk to oversight professionals as there is a sense of compliance but the risk is far greater as the audit standards do not ask for specific legal compliance in your organisation.

The external audit has similar risks.

We can offer Safety Governance Audits® as well as targeted Legal Compliance Reviews.

Mergers & Acquisitions Data Review

The risk identification and assessment process is a critical part of effectively managing effective M&A.

Non-Financial Risks are rarely assessed nor identified.

Our Risk Identification and Assessment – Merger/Acquisition model follows the steps below:

  • Identify potential risks that could impact your merger/acquisition and classify each risk into categories.
  • Prioritise to ensure the right risks are managed going forward.
  • Develop a specific action plan to address the high-priority risks.
  • Consider re pricing options from Damage Costs Identified

We offer specific M&A reviews for organisations of all sizes and complexity of Organisations