We work with oversight professionals such as investors, sustainability professionals, boards, chief executive officers, directors, company secretaries, safety, risk and governance professionals in Safety Governance.

Safety Governance Education Alignment

Our Safety Governance Education is aligned with 45000 family including ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety, ISO 31000 Risk Management, ISO 26000 Guidance on Social Responsibility and ISO 37000 Governance of Organisations.

In your education you will explore Safety Governance

  • Definition©
  • Principles©
  • SG & ESG & Sustainability©
  • Safety Governance Maturity Model©
  • Non-Financial Risk
  • Materiality
  • Safety Governance Framework©
  • Safety Governance Practices & Actors
  • Relevant Safety Governance Regulations
  • Board Skill Matrix
  • Board Duties
  • Safety Governance Reporting ©
  • Safety Governance Due Diligence Tool©
  • Safety Governance Reasonably Practicable Tool©

Sending the experts to you 

Receive tailored training online or onsite at your offices to meet the professional development needs of your team, executives and/or board members. 

We select a presenter which matches your requirements and combine our intellectual property on governance, risk and compliance with your organisation’s internal materials and documentation to ensure that our training is relevant and aligned to your workplace.

What is on offer?

  • Board training
  • Executive training

Our suite of courses can be delivered online, at your premise or in one of our training rooms (room hire fees are incurred).

The benefits

  • Best practice — you’ll create a shared understanding of safety governance and risk principles within your team
  • Tailored — we match our intellectual property with your organisation’s internal documentation to ensure our training is practical and aligned to your workplace.
  • Cost-effective — we will work with you to plan an efficient solution for your governance and risk management needs.
  • Convenient — you choose the time, place and location. No travel or venue hire is required.
  • Credible — leading industry practitioners develop and present our courses. They understand the complexities of implementing good structures and we match them to your industry and sector.
  • Flexible — choice of session times to meet your needs – half-day, full-day or a series of courses.
  • Whole-of-organisation governance — we offer relevant training for all roles in your organisation — from the C-suite and board to emerging professionals in management and assistant roles
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