Safety Governance Principles® were developed to assist organisations to be active and effective in achieving safety governance.

The principles encourage a culture of ethical and legal responsibility and accountability for an organisations’ inputs and outputs within their marketplace activities and their impacts on providing a safe outcome of the work they conduct.

The principles encourages a focus on the impacts of an organisations work; the intent on ensuring a safe workplace, safe products, safe services and safety to anyone impacted by the work.

The principles are designed to help articulate safety governance responsibilities.

They are not intended to impose an unreasonable burden on investors, organisations or workplaces.

The principles are voluntary and principles-based.

In recognition of the global nature of the modern marketplace, we have designed the principles to complement, rather than supersede or conflict with, the corporate governance codes, listing rules, stewardship principles or codes of other countries or other risk governance principles that investors or organisations may choose to follow.

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How does the Safety Governance Principles® align with other Corporate Governance Principles?

The Safety Governance Principles® align specifically to the ASX Principles of Corporate Governance.

The Safety Governance Principles® have also been aligned to the OECD Corporate Governance Principles and many other nations such as Abu Dhabi, Dubai, New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France and United States of America for example.

Safety Governance Framework®

The Safety Governance Principles® are the foundation of the Safety Governance Framework® which includes:

  • SGI Safety Governance Maturity Model©
  • SGI Safety Governance Reporting ©
  • SGI Safety Governance Due Diligence Tool©
  • SGI Safety Governance Reasonably Practicable Tool©
  • SGI Safety Governance Maturity Model© Score Tool©
  • SGI Safety Governance Strategy©
  • SGI Safety Governance Metrix©
  • SGI Safety Governance Audits©
  • SGI Safety Governance Index©