Safety Governance focuses on the impact of our work, safe products, safe services and safety to anyone who is impacted by our work.

We focus on Humanising Stewardship – where we acknowledge that there is too many people leaving our economy permanently as a result of the impacts of our work.

As part of our mission to Humanise Stewardship we work to our Theory of Change.

Humanising the Circular Economy with Safety Governance Stewardship©®

Have you ever wondered why human are not mentioned in the circular economy models? 

The Safety Governance approach adds humans to the circular economy.

Humans are omitted from the circular economic views so when we consider the impacts of our work they are often forgotten the the planning. 

Human resources are often a wasted resource when someone is impacted by a work related event they may never be able to work ever again or pass away. 

All the focus right now on a sustainable future forgets those who may be impacted by work a person permanently impaired and will forever be unable to be part of the a working economy. 

We full support the focus on engagement of people with disability especially if they are only there due to a workplace injury or illness!

We can move to a Great Corporate Citizens where we care about the impact of our work whilst extending & delivering both stakeholder & shareholder value.

Lead your organisation to the era of stakeholder value creation and in return sustainable and increased bottom lines.